Redefining Education Experience By Instilling 1st class mindset to improve our society

CAKAP JEPUN was founded by 3 young engineers who have been experienced as a student and working life in Japan. Against the background of science stream which was quite a challenge for them when it comes to learn Japanese as the language of instruction and the only language used in Japan. With a dream to "give back to the community", they have set up a CAKAP JEPUN team which is growing in membership until now.


CAKAP JEPUN intends to ensure that the thinking of Malaysians can be in line with the thinking and culture of the people of developed countries so that the vision & mission of the country can be achieved quickly.


1. We are a business entity focused on redefining Japanese language learning.

2. Provide educational services and instill confidence in Japanese language.

3. Develop people with high and positive confidence.

4. Form a community that has an impact on the country.