Online Japanese Language Teaching

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become a very crucial tool in today's world. The global spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has triggered and intensified the use of ICT for survival. This is no exception in the field of education. Drastic and urgent changes have occurred in the delivery of teaching and learning, both at the primary and higher education levels. Whether they like it or not, educators and students alike have had to use virtual learning platforms that were once unfamiliar to them, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Google Classroom, and Microsoft Teams.

These changes have demanded that many educators, whether new or experienced with decades of teaching, start from the basics of using these virtual teaching tools. They have explored and experimented with various software and applications in an effort to find the most suitable and user-friendly options for online teaching sessions. Despite the challenges, it cannot be denied that many educators have bravely and diligently tried and succeeded in finding effective teaching methods for online learning. Therefore, MAJLIS has taken the initiative to gather as many techniques, methods, and information in the form of writing and compile them into one source, which is this electronic book or e-Book.

This e-Book not only provides guidance on virtual teaching techniques but indirectly serves as a platform for Japanese language educators to share their opinions and experiences. It is hoped that more articles related to the use of ICT in teaching and learning will be shared and become a reference for educators in the field of Japanese language education in Malaysia and around the world.

This book will be uploaded to the MAJLIS website for reference by anyone interested in virtual Japanese language teaching, opening opportunities for Japanese language educators in Malaysia to network. This electronic book is also one of MAJLIS' contributions to the community.