Chairman's Message


Welcome to Malaysia Japanese Language Instructors Society’s website!


I believe not many of us have heard about the Malaysia Japanese Language Instructors Society (MAJLIS). Hence, this website is a “get-to-know” platform about the association and activities related matters. As the Chair of the MAJLIS, representing committees and all existing or soon to become members, I would like to welcome each of you. You can be a student, a teacher, a lecturer, or just anybody practising the Japanese language and culture in Malaysia to join us.


According to the Japan Foundation 2018 Survey Report on Japanese learners, Malaysia has been ranked 10th in the world compared to other countries with a total number of 39,247 learners. It was a significant increment compared to 2015. However, the interesting fact about this report is the learners and teacher’s ratio. The standard ratio derived by the Japan Foundation in the 2018 report was 49.8 learners per teacher. On the other hand, Malaysia showed 80.9 learners per teacher ratio due to the small teacher’s population. I believed as a practitioner, each of us has our challenges to overcome, and goals to achieve. The lack of teachers becomes a constraint to many institutions to provide or sustain a good quality of Japanese language and cultural education. This could be one of the dilemmas faced by many of us on Japanese Language Education in Malaysia.


Thus, in line with MAJLIS’s establishment objectives, i.e., networking building and cultivating moral and cultural values, together we can support each other by utilizing each one of our experts, skills and experiences. MAJLIS is a “platform” to gather all of the interested parties, the experts, the practitioners, etc. to share constructive ideas and views for the betterment of and not least to sustain the Japanese Language Education in Malaysia.


Let us all join our hands and create a conducive future for Japanese Language Education in Malaysia.


Do come and join MAJLIS today!