The Japanese Language Society of Malaysia (JLSM) was founded in 1968 as non-profit making organization, we are committed to promoting deeper understanding and meaningful relationship between the people of Malaysia and Japan through international cultural exchange and active promotion of the learning of Japanese language and cultural among Malaysians.

Since then, we strongly believe that only through the mastery of Japanese language could our relationship with the Japanese be more meaningful, much deeper and long lasting.  By learning their language we learn not only of their culture, value and thoughts but also of our own.

Hence, at JLSM we are committed to providing a long-term support for the learning of Japanese by conducting courses ranging from basic to advance level and maintaining a small but adequate learner's library.  But we do not view mastery of Japanese as a goal but rather as a bridge.  Thus, we intensify our effort in creating intercultural interactions between the people of Malaysia and Japan.  These intercultural interactions are never meant to showcase Japanese culture or vice-verse but to provide a common platform in bringing people of same interest together, bonded by a common language, to work for peace and betterment of mankind.  Hence, our name remains as a language society, rather that a cultural society.

Nihongo no Miryoku


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